About Us

We are the only female owned and operated national organization focused exclusively on providing training and support to women that work within the insurance industry. We achieve this through training related but not limited to lead generation, sales, marketing and agency development. The collaborative and motivating culture we provide is instrumental to positive mental health, personal growth and professional development of all women that work within this industry.


Meet Tracie

Founder and CEO

Tracie is the founder of WOI, a passionate business owner and delegator who desires to see more women in leadership positions succeeding and achieving their goals. Through her own experience as a single mother of five before remarriage, Tracie used her knowledge and insight to develop an organization that supports women with an ambitious, driven community of like-minded professionals striving to help each other achieve success.

With more than 20 years of sales experience and ten years working in life insurance with a team of more than 250 agents, she helps others achieve the same success she worked for. As the force behind WOI, Tracie continues to build upon the model and vision of the organization to support more women and help professionals in insurance to thrive.


Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to create a dedicated space that allows women in all lines of insurance the opportunity to promote and support each other on a national level. Our mission is to empower women in the insurance industry by providing them with knowledge and a platform that is instrumental to their growth.

WOI - Created by Women for Women


by understanding the balance of strength, femininity, knowledge and perseverance that we as women must have to successfully maneuver through an industry that is dominated by men.


the obstacles that have prevented women from progressing within the industry in the past. Our organization creates a space for women to overcome objections and obstacles collaboratively. It is no secret that you go further with a team and you build stronger as a unit.


one another in a space that is built on genuineness. There is nothing more uplifting than a woman that can identify when another woman is down and provide her with not only knowledge but also confidence and a plan on how to move forward.


Women In Business

Success Without Sacrifice

We want to highlight and celebrate mothers who are bringing their children into their businesses and inspiring the next generation of female entrepreneurs. We understand how rewarding and challenging it can be to juggle motherhood with the demands of running a business, and we want to create a culture that recognizes and celebrates this. We want to actively encourage and support women in not only being mothers, but also developing successful businesses. We believe that when mothers are given love, guidance, encouragement, resources, and support, the potential for success and fulfillment is infinite.


Meet Our Team

We are a small team with some really big goals. We are always here and happy to help. Your success is our success.

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Iyana Wynn

Executive Assistant

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Jackie Encinares

Executive Assistant