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Brenda Noriega

National Chapter President

Brenda Noriega is a highly experienced professional with nearly a decade of expertise in the insurance industry, currently serving as a Commercial P&C Risk Management Advisor at The Horton Group. With a specialization in supporting small and mid-sized businesses, Brenda is committed to advocating for Women and Minority-owned enterprises.

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Brenda is known for her enthusiastic approach to learning and her musical talent as an occasional violinist. She is also proud to be a three-time marathoner and the founder of the J-Town Running Club in Joliet, IL, demonstrating her dedication to promoting health and community engagement.

As the newly appointed National Membership Vice President for Women of Insurance, Brenda is eager to make meaningful contributions to the group while learning from other women in the industry. She firmly believes in the unique value that women bring to the insurance field and is committed to amplifying their voices and driving positive change.