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$39.99 per month

Nationwide Chapter Access for Expanded Networking

Discounted Rates on WOI Products and Services

Exclusive Discounts from Partners

Monthly Social Events

Convenient Virtual Events

Instant Access to On-Demand Training

Opportunity for a Member Spotlight Feature

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Discounts on Professional Coaching

Ability to Post Employment Ads to Attract Talent

Exclusive Invite to Our Annual Retreat

WOI Membership Kit Shipped at Six Months

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Enjoy exclusive training events, on-demand access to live sessions, and discounts from WOI and our partners. Gain multi-chapter access at no extra cost. Don't miss our inspiring monthly national events with guest speakers. Discover tailored resources and endless opportunities.


Membership FAQS

Yes, all local chapters host 1-2 virtual events per month in addition to our national chapter, which hosts two virtual events per month.

As of now, are members are US based. We are in the process of building in the US Virgin Islands and Canada.

Exclusive savings, discounts, training, private events and an invite to our member-only retreat are a few things included. You can find a list of additional membership benefits at the top of this page.

Membership Dues are $39.99 per month or $479.88 per year. 

There is no contract to join.

Yes, a recording will be available via our YouTube channel through a private link that you can access in our Facebook Membership Group.

No, events are not mandatory. Attend whatever is convenient for you.

Events vary per chapter and may include events such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, golf, bowling, painting, skating, a spa day, beach day, wine tasting, day or weekend cruise, hiking, skiing, or renting an Airbnb for the weekend.

Our membership retreat will be a cruise aboard Royal Carribean’s Utopia of the Seas and is scheduled for January 10-13, 2025. Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at 

The day your application is approved, and you accept is your bill date. You will be billed each month on that day.

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