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The Life of Women in Insurance

How to Make Your Business Reach More People

Understanding Your Audience The first step to expand your business's reach is understanding your audience. It is crucial to know who your customers are, what ...
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What Networking Events Should You Be Attending

Understanding the Value of Networking Events Networking events are crucial for professionals seeking to expand their connections, learn new industry trends, and uncover opportunities. These ...
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The Science of Selling: Understanding Personality Types

The art of selling is more than just making a pitch and closing a deal. It is a subtle science that requires an understanding of ...
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Women of Insurance FAQs

We are the only national organization focused exclusively on providing training, resources, and support to women that work in insurance.

Women of Insurance was created to help women that work in any capacity of insurance, navigate the insurance industry, avoid costly mistakes, receive support when needed, collaborate with other women throughout the country, establish friendships and mutually beneficial partnerships, provide mentorship to those new to this industry and to ensure a judgment-free space is always available to ask questions related to any line of insurance any time of day or night.

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No, men are unable to join our online community and are unable to join as a chapter member. Men are welcome to attend our Biennial Anniversary Conference.

Approval time can vary based on many things. We do approvals on a weekly basis. If you have a pending request to join and would like to check the status please email [email protected]

There is no cost to join our online facebook community as a general member.

No, Women of Insurance is an organization focused on providing training and support for women that work in the insurance industry.

No, Women of Insurance is not a lead vendor. We do have lead partners that provide exclusive discounts to our members. We do not generate nor sell leads. Our members do receive leads from other members by establishing referral partnerships. 

Women of Insurance was established as an online community in June 2023 and officially became a company in April 2022. 

Business resources may include but are not limited to, lead generation, social media marketing, website and graphic design, professional coaching and agency development.

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