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Tarah Dove

National Chapter President

Tarah Dove is the CMO/Co-Founder of Success Without Sacrifice, LLC, and a passionate marketing coach for female Insurance Agency Owners. With an impressive 17 years of industry experience, Tarah has successfully optimized marketing efforts for numerous companies and nonprofits. Her journey as an entrepreneur began after welcoming her third child, giving her valuable insights into the unique challenges faced by working moms and CEOs. Tarah's innovative approach and creative solutions cater to the values, priorities, and budgets of female-owned businesses. Residing in Pennsylvania with her fiancé and three boys, she cherishes family adventures, travel, and outdoor concerts. As an Executive Contributor at Brainz Magazine and the Producer of the up-and-coming Podcast, "Insurance Revolutionized," Tarah continues to inspire and uplift her community. Explore success with Tarah Dove and revolutionize your insurance business!