7 Ways to Better Manage Stress

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Nearly half of women reported increased stress over the past five years. If you relate to this phenomenon, it’s time to employ stress management tips.

Stress can otherwise affect your long-term mental health and even worsen your physical health. If your stress worsens, it can also affect your professional development.

Of course, you should ultimately start managing stress at work for yourself, not for productivity. But to do either, you must know how to do precisely that.

Continue reading to learn our top tips to manage work stress.

1. Get Plenty of Sleep

Work stress could roll over to the next day without enough sleep. Sleep usually recharges your body and brain and lowers cortisol (stress levels). Without it, you could wake up fatigued and grumpy, and the frustration of recognizing that negative cocktail of emotions could exacerbate your stress even further.

2. Get Professional Help

An expert can help you build an effective stress relief treatment. Professionals can also pinpoint patients’ specific causes of stress, which could help them build long-term stress-relieving habits.

3. Make Time for Hobbies and Friends

Living with stress can make you forget what enjoying personal time is like, causing you to neglect your social and personal life. But bring them back into the fold. Doing so will reignite friendships that allow you to vent and express your emotions as needed and help you rebuild a life beyond your work life.

4. Take Your Breaks

Every industry is competitive, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of all your free time. So take your breaks when you can, thoroughly enjoying your lunch breaks and taking advantage of your PTO. You earned those incentives, so take advantage of them!

5. Do Relaxing Activities

Whether that’s Tai Chi, yoga, or a bubble bath, it’s essential to incorporate relaxing activities into your routine. Doing so provides a consistent activity that allows you to decompress when stressed and prioritize yourself.

6. Go for a Walk

Walking is a form of exercise which releases endorphins and reduces stress. An outdoor walk also often improves vitamin D absorption, boosting people’s moods. Vitamin D can also help your skin, nails, and hair grow!

7. Limit Social Media Usage

Limit your personal time with social media. This habit causes more anxiety than you may realize while scrolling through your feed, causing you to potentially compare yourself and your feed with others. Minimizing social media usage can help you live beyond the screen and recenter your confidence.

Managing Stress at Work Don’t Overlook it!

Sometimes, we as women get swept up by our workload and forget that we must take care of ourselves. But once we start regularly managing stress at work, we’ll be much better equipped to conquer all aspects of our life with gusto.At Women of Insurance, we understand the specific challenges women in our industry face. That’s why we created our women-led network, which empowers women in insurance and offers them crucial resources. If you’re interested, fill out our membership application today!