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Nadjea Evans

National Membership President

Nadjea Evans is a respected figure in both the education and business sectors, with a rich tapestry of experiences and accomplishments. Born and raised in Chicago, Nadjea’s dedication to family and community shines through in all aspects of her life. As a mother of four and devoted spouse, she finds the greatest joy in the bonds of family life. It is for this profound love for family that Nadjea recently transitioned from a distinguished 18-year career as an elementary school teacher to the insurance sector where she can help families protect their assets. Throughout her teaching tenure, she actively participated on various professional leadership teams serving as chairperson or team member, demonstrating her commitment to excellence in education. In addition to these professional development endeavors, Nadjea served for many years, as a mentor teacher for aspiring educators from several universities in Illinois, guiding them along their path to success in the field of education. Her passion for nurturing talent and fostering growth extends beyond the classroom, as she shares her artistic talents through her well-known business, Jea Jots. Through her business, she has forged numerous relationships with community organizations and small businesses that utilize her services. Nadjea’s creativity and attention to detail shine through in her artistic endeavors, reflecting her resourcefulness and detail-oriented nature. Now, as she embarks on this new chapter in the insurance sector as National Membership President, Nadjea is eager to apply her diverse skills and experiences to contribute to the collective success of the team. With her intelligence, resourcefulness, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Nadjea is poised to make a meaningful impact and achieve shared goals in her new role.