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Sharla Walford

Chief Operations Officer

Sharla Walford is a seasoned insurance professional with a wealth of experience spanning 16 years in the industry. Armed with a solid educational foundation, she holds a degree in Finance and Economics, which has been a cornerstone in shaping her analytical approach to the intricacies of the insurance sector.

Throughout her distinguished career, Sharla Walford has demonstrated exceptional leadership and interpersonal skills, earning recognition for her ability to navigate complex challenges and foster collaborative relationships. Her commitment to excellence and innovative problem-solving has not only led to personal success but has also contributed significantly to the success of the teams she has been a part of.

Beyond her professional achievements, Sharla Walford is deeply committed to community service. She generously volunteers her time and expertise to various initiatives, reflecting her passion for making a positive impact on the lives of others. Her dedication to community betterment aligns seamlessly with her values, showcasing a holistic approach to both professional and personal fulfillment.

In addition to her professional and community pursuits, Sharla Walford is a fervent advocate for the arts, recognizing the transformative power of creativity and cultural expression. Her enthusiasm for the arts is paralleled by her commitment to family values, emphasizing the importance of strong familial bonds.

In Sharla Walford, you'll find a dynamic professional who seamlessly integrates her wealth of experience, academic prowess, leadership acumen, and passion for community service, the arts, and family. She continues to be an inspiring force in the insurance industry and a positive influence in the broader community.